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How To Attract Church Volunteers (EDITed)

The reason you don’t get more volunteers is because your audience doesn’t believe you will meet their needs (or continue meeting their needs) when they commit their resources to you.

The reason your volunteers don’t stick around is because they feel cheated, trusting that you’d meet their need only to be let down. When people feel like their leaders have taken advantage of them, they will go somewhere else to look for fulfillment. (This may be why the western world has moved away from the church, instead going towards new age, atheism, etc).

The concept of a volunteer is a cheap knockoff of what we see in the New Testament. Your “volunteers” really want to be your disciples. They don’t want to haul around chairs after church or greet people at the door. They want to be trained to live a life like you. They want to be given a purpose and a calling. They want to do something that matters.

When you meet needs, people will come to you, which is exactly what we see in Jesus’ life. When you begin making the lives of your volunteers better than when they first volunteered, you will have so many people wanting to commit to your ministry that you won’t know what to do with them all.

Make it a rule in your ministry to always give your volunteers 2 to 4 times more value than they give you.

Action Step: Personally approach every single volunteer (and former volunteer) and ask them these three questions.

  1. What are the biggest problems you are facing right now in your life?
  2. What are the biggest needs you have right now in your life?
  3. If the ministry team and I could consistently support you in any way (exclusive teaching, training, one-on-one time, the opportunity for advancement, etc) – what would you find the most meaningful?

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