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Intrachurch Partnerships

One of the greatest resources you have to grow your ministry is eyeballs.

In the information age, attention is more valuable than gold, and you have loads of it every Sunday morning, during other weekly ministry services, and during events.

Creating win-win-win-win-wins is often as easy as sharing the attention of your audience with select partners.

Be Aware: This has to be done right and it has to be thought through on a multidimensional level in order for it to work properly. (Review the multidimensional decision-making video)

This type of win-win is possibly the most valuable you can negotiate so don’t give you side away for cheap.

Suppose you have a low-income audience or an audience that lives paycheck to paycheck at your ministry. You find that you regularly have people call for help with the car problems they are struggling with.

Suppose you also have a dedicated churchgoer that owns a mechanic shop.

Go to this person and see if you can work out a win-win where he helps X number of car problems in the congregation each month for FREE in exchange for being recommended on stage every so often as the churches trusted Christian mechanic. Here is what a win-win like this looks like and what WILL happen when people catch on to what’s happening.

Ministry Win: Your church becomes a huge center of value by creating a hedge for everyone WITHIN your church by protecting them from car calamity. Your church also no longer has to decide if it will dedicate financial resources to this type of problem – you have solved them for FREE.

Mechanic Win: You are supporting a Christian businessman who otherwise may struggle to get in front of enough potential clients to continue his marketplace ministry.

Audience Win: Your ministry’s audience wins big because who even knows where to find an honest mechanic? They also win because your church now has a built-in insurance plan for those struggling the most with car issues. You have effectively brought up the quality of life for everyone who consistently attends your ministry.

Now it’s going to be important you consider a number of things to make sure this is sustainable. You need to make sure that your ministry can honestly back whoever it supports and it’s important you let that organization or company know you can only represent them if they operate honestly, and follow XYZ Biblical precepts. (This incentivizes others to live out Godly values in your community). Secondly, your audience has to know you can’t make any guarantees regarding that service. Only that you trust them. It’s even better if you can say your ministry team uses their services.

Furthermore, I recommend you ONLY offer this as an option to those who are already highly committed to your ministry. This should be included as an option in the benefits packages we discussed earlier in the course. When you offer wins this big to only those people who commit to your ministry, people will suddenly be more willing to commit.

Second-Order Consequence: This brings us to the second-order consequence of the interchurch partnership. As soon as people figure out what you are doing, you will have community influencers lining up to get into your ministry. You won’t just have a mechanic, you will have the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker all coming into your church and actively moving to the core of your ministry because they know you will meet their needs.

The fact that you now have access to essentially unlimited free services, the quality of life/ insurance policy for your churchgoers will increase and everyone will want to come to your church because they know their needs will be met.

Of course, this cycle of reciprocity will create church growth as you have never seen before.

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