Ministry Growth: Create Your Discipleship Strategy (BRETT WRITE)
Church Growth: How To Create Impactful Church Graphics

Content Creation Process Checklist (Create PDF Checklist)

Here are the steps of our video creation process:

  • Keyword research in VidIQ
  • Write video content in Gooogle Docs
  • Film video
  • Upload raw video to Google Drive for video editor 
  • Video editor edits video
  • Video editor sends back for revisions
  • Send video editor feedback
  • Video editor sends back final draft 
  • Upload video to YouTube
  • Add keyword targeted title, keyword targeted description, keyword targeted tags and specify content is not for kids
  • Add calls-to-action to read blog in the video description
  • Create Video Thumbnail in Canva
  • Post video to YouTube
  • Notify writer that video is posted

Here are the steps of our blog creation process:

  • Keyword research on KWFinder
  • Create Google Docs and Share with Destiny and Brett
  • Identify Focus Keyword and Extra Keywords
  • Write a Keyword Targeted Blog Title 
  • Look Up Keyword on Google and Find Articles Google Likes (Research what’s working on Google)
  • Write Blog Headings/Table of Contents
  • Write an Intro with Keyword in First 100 Words
  • Write Section Content
  • Add Bold, Italics, Bulleted Lists, Numbered Lists, Centered Quotes
  • Add Two Internal Links
  • Add Two External Links
  • Add a Picture Every 200 Words
  • Add Outro and Question to engage Comments
  • Create Blog Thumbnail in Canva
  • Create New WordPress Post
  • Copy content from Google Doc to WordPress
  • Publish Blog w/ Title, Slug, Meta-description, Picture, Category, Check SEO Analysis, Add FB and Twitter Thumbnails
  • Add calls to action in blog
  • Save As Draft
  • Destiny Read/Review Blog and Makes Final Suggestions 
  • Approve Blog
  • Publish Blog on website
  • Index Blog in Google Search Console
  • Notify Social Media that content is live

Here are the steps for launching social media:

  • Launch Blog on Facebook, Link in Groups (Other social media platforms)
  • Launch the blog into email lists
  • Add calls-to-action to read post or watch video

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know! 

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