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Divine Revelation & Natural Revelation – The link between good and the created order

There are two types of revelation we see in scripture.

Divine Revelation & Natural Revelation

Devine Revelation is the spiritual Truth revealed to us by God through Scripture that we otherwise would have no way of knowing.

Natural Revelation is what we can learn from God through the understanding of his creation. This includes the weather, the laws of physics, philosophy, logic, math, etc. Natural revelation is not on par with scripture as it is not God’s infallible word. Yet, at the same time, the natural order that God put into place at the beginning has valuable information for the ministry leader to be in touch.

For example, God created a world that functions in an orderly and predictable way. Growth is not a spiritual concept we find in the Bible, growth is a naturally occurring process that preceded the bible. Adam and eve were called to go forth and multiply, GOWING in number. The nations of the world grew in number, they grew in wealth, the grew in knowledge, etc. They also grew in their wickedness – inventing new ways to be evil (Rom 1:30). 

Growth is primarily a naturally occurring process. God may miraculously bless a farmers crop, but the farmers skill and prctise of farming is primarily what produces a crop harvest. Jesus miraculously gave one catch of fish to the disciples, but the disciples primarily saw an increase in their fish through bettering their skill of fishing and doing it consistently. While miracles do happen, they are the accepting – this is why they are so remarkable. God may bless your ministry with extra-ordinary growth, but growth generally is simply a function of naturally occurring processes that have existed since the beginning of time.

While this may sound unusual, it is great news because this means you have control over your volunteer growth, the growth of those who are disciples, and the growth of unbelievers around your ministry. 

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