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Don’t Show Your Cards

In any game of cards, you know that you give away your strategy if you show others your cards.

The same is true when your sharing the gospel. Be shrewed as a serpant but innocent as a dove.

When I was in ministry and people would ask what I did for a living, they instantly clammed up upon hearing I was a student pastor. That’s because I showed my cards to soon.

They don’t trust those pastor people because of that one pastor that one time. I cant reveal my pastor card until the trust (report) in the relationship has exceeded the blow that the pastor card will inflict on the other person.

The same is true with you Christianity. If they don’t ask, don’t offer the information until it’s relevant to the conversation. Don’t offer the information until they are requesting your opinion.

Listener: “Well what do you think?”

Christian: “I’d be happy to share my thoughts, but I wouldn’t want you to feel pressured one way or the other.”

Listener: “Oh no, of course not.”

Chrstian: “Well I believe that it’s impossible to do good enough to buy my way into heaven and that’s why Jesus….”

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