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From Surviving To Thriving (EDITed)

We asked pastors the following question: “As a ministry leader, what do you want most?”

According to hundreds of responses, ministry leaders desire to do 2 things:

  1. Bring people into a relationship with Jesus
  2. Create disciples that create disciples

Pastors feel a powerful call to produce fruit that will last for eternity in heaven.

They are so driven that when we asked them “as a ministry leader, what is your biggest fear?”, many of them said that they feared doing their best only to produce no fruit.

Like these pastors, you want to make a difference that lasts for eternity. To pursue this powerful calling, you are willing to commit not only your resources, but also your entire life.

Many people don’t feel this level of drive, but that is why ministry leaders such as yourself are set apart as high-performance people.

Good resource allocation is essential to high-performance people, because it can make the difference between whether they achieve great things or burn themselves out.

If you allocate your personal resources correctly, you will thrive in ministry. But if you allocate your resources poorly, you won’t make it.

According to Barna (a research firm that specializes in faith and culture), 38% of ministry leaders thought about quitting full-time ministry in 2021. 24% of pastors described themselves as “unhealthy” across a number of questions related to their well-being.

In one survey of pastors, 75% admitted feeling “highly stressed”. Another survey of over 1,000 pastors reported that 100% of pastors had a colleague who left the ministry due to burnout, conflict, or moral failure.

The dismal statistics about pastoral depression and discouragement go on and on, and the truth is clear to see: the way pastors try to maintain a high-performance lifestyle isn’t working.

God doesn’t want you to feel highly stressed, fatigued, worn out, depressed, or discouraged in ministry.

God doesn’t just want you to survive, He wants you to thrive.

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