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Negotiating Win-Win Deals

To negotiate win-wins all you need to do is

Step 1: Identify your need. Before approaching someone about a win-win, get clear on exactly the type of win your ministry needs to solve its problem. This should help you to identify the types of people or organizations you can approach.

This is the step that will happen most naturally. Counterintuitively, ministry leaders are very in tune with their own needs and we are used to asking others to meet them.

When we stop on step one and go and ask someone to meet our needs without meeting their needs too, they feel taken advantage of, and a win-lose is created. Over time, people leave ministries that create win-lose outcomes.

Step 2: Figure out what the other party needs.

Now that you have identified your needs, it’s time to put your needs on the back burner.

It’s time to do some discovery work where you identify the needs of the other party you hope to create a win-win with.

Only when you know BOTH their need AND your need can you come up with creative solutions that create a win-win. You have to know their problem before you can create a solution to it.

If you want someone to commit to your ministry in some way – always begin the conversion with them by exploring their needs.

  • “Tell me about what you do.”
  • “How is that going for you?”
  • “It sounds like things have been challenging, how are you doing with that?”
  • “What’s the biggest problem you are facing right now?”
  • “What is the most pressing need for you right now?”

Step 3: Get into some creative problem solving

Only after you know their problem can you begin to diagnose the cure.

Think critically about how your ministry could solve the problem the other party is having.

Then propose a solution that would create a huge win for them AND for your ministry.

Step 4: Propose Your Win-Win OPPORTUNITY

You not asking for favors or goodwill when you are offering a win-win.

Favors are win-lose propositions.

When you offer a well-thought-through win-win, you are offering the other party an opportunity.

Watch for the reaction of the other part when you explain the win-win. Ask for their honest feedback and let them know you’re only interested in moving forward if they really want to.

You CANNOT move forward with a win-win unless BOTH parties ENTHUSIASTICALLY accept the win-win.

Expect to see tears, expressions of genuine excitement, or a reflexive hug because they feel you have their best interests at heart.

If the other person doesn’t ENTHUSIASTICALLY accept the win-win, let them know you are not willing to move forward unless it’s a win for them too. Ask them what they need and how you can help them get what they need and repeat the process until you get the types of responses mentioned above.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat steps 1-4 to meet every need your church runs into. When you become known as the place people win, people will want to come to win with you. This creates abundance in your ministry where people can both freely give and receive.

When creating win-win outcomes becomes second nature, you won’t even have to think about it anymore. It will begin to happen effortlessly and the fruit you will see it creating in your ministry will be undeniable.

Not only this but creating a culture of win-win will create disciples who create fruit surrounding your ministry.

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