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Pastoral Resource Debt (EDITed)

Pastoral Debt works like a credit card. Let’s say that you start by just taking out a little debt – “it’s no big deal,” you think, “I’ll pay it off next week”.

And it feels good to take out that debt. You get to move further down the road without paying anything for it today. But remember, reality demands that you pay now, or pay later.

Next week something urgent comes up, but you can’t afford to deal with it. You take on more debt, so that you can resolve the issue and avoid letting others down.

It may feel like this cycle of debt can go on forever, because the consequences are always just far enough ahead to remain out of sight. But one day, everything will come crashing down. When your debt load becomes so high that you can’t afford to pay your bills, you will have to file for bankruptcy.

This is an example of financial burnout.

The good news is that people who experience financial burnout can get thing under control and bounce back.

The bad news is that most pastors won’t have that luxury, because pastoral burnout is often accompanied by career-ending moral failure and reputation destruction.

You don’t get to come back from this.

That’s why we’ve dedicated the coming lessons to teaching you the steps to maintain a high-performance lifestyle.

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