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Attract & Keep Volunteers With A Benefits Package (EDITed)

By the time Jesus returned to Heaven, His earthly ministry was no longer dependent on Him to continue. 

He had trained 12 men so that they would be able to do “even greater things than these”. 

They were prepared to take up the church and lead it without the direct physical presence of Jesus. 

The same should be true in your church. 

As you pour more time and energy into your leaders, they will become more stable and capable. They will become more like you.

As Paul says, “Follow me as I follow Christ” 1 Cor 11:1

You won’t be around forever, so it’s necessary to have someone else that can pick up the mantle. If you get sick, will your church go on? What if you leave on a mission trip?

To prepare your church for leadership, you must create a benefits package for each group within your ministry.

Explain the perks that each group gets, and what commitment/ sacrifice is required to get those perks.

Remember, don’t just make up random perks, use the results of the survey you gave earlier to determine what people actually want to get.

Also, remember that your benefits package perks should increase as people’s commitment/sacrifice to your ministry increases.

Do this for:

  • The Masses (Anyone)
  • The 72 (Weekly churchgoers)
  • The 12 (Volunteers)
  • The 3 (Staff)

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