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The Marketing Director

Many ministries would say that they have a “staff marketer” who “does all things online.” This typically means that no one understands what the marketer really does, but he is still expected to get amazing and undefined results. Unfortunately, this is an example of a Marketing Director who is set up for failure. The role of the staff Marketing Director is not to be the end all be all online guru. It’s to act as the conductor of your marketing orchestra. In order to train every ministry leader to effectively fulfill their specific area of the overarching marketing strategy, your Marketing Director needs to have experience in each of the areas we mention below. If your Marketing Director doesn’t know what each member of the digital team is supposed to be doing, he cannot conduct them. All he can do is hope they know what they’re doing. This rarely produces good results because the moment a problem arises, no one understands the full picture well enough to solve the problem. 

  • Strategy: Your staff Marketing Director should be capable of creating a marketing strategy that unifies your digital and physical church. 
  • Results: The staff Marketing Director should be able to identify the results that indicate success for each ministry.
  • Standard Operating Procedures: The staff Marketing Director should excel at creating standard operating procedures that everyone can understand. For example, a standard operating procedure needs to be created to teach anyone how to post a sermon on the website correctly. You will learn more on standard operating procedures later.  
  • Training: The staff Marketing Director should excel at teaching others. This involves two types of training. He should be capable of training staff and volunteers on their roles and responsibilities within the marketing plan. He should also be capable of translating tech jargon into plain English for other executive staff. 
  • Management: The staff Marketing Director should be focused on managing the team more than executing individual tasks. The more team members your digital ministry team has, the less the Marketing Director should be directly involved in the work itself. 
  • Reporting: The staff Marketing Director should be able to summarize the data provided by analytic software to report the results of the Digital Ministry monthly. The Marketing Director should also be able to communicate digital successes, areas that need improvement, and goals that the digital team will pursue over the next 30-90 days.

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