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✓ Grasp Atheism’s Core Concepts

✓ Dissect Moral Relativism

✓ Utilize the Columbo Tactic

✓ Address the Problem of Evil

✓ Differentiate Micro vs. Macro Evolution

✓ Craft Logical Defenses of Faith

✓ Engage Atheists with Confidence

✓ Navigate Moral Arguments Skillfully

✓ Debunk Evolution Misconceptions

✓ Master Effective Apologetics Strategies

✓ Build a Foundation in Apologetics

✓ Strengthen Faith Through Reason

This Ministry Course Includes

Content In This ministry Training

Dive deep into the heart of effective ministry by exploring the strategies Jesus and the apostles Paul and Peter utilized to identify, understand, and reach their specific audiences. This free 5-Day Ministry Growth Bible Study offers an unparalleled journey into biblical teachings, providing clear, actionable insights for today’s church leaders.


2 min read

Learn how Jesus knew His sheep individually, recognizing their needs and circumstances. Reflect on the importance of understanding the specific community God has called you to serve, identifying their unique challenges, locations, major pains, and demographics.


2 min read | 25 min video

Explore the scriptural basis for targeted ministry outreach. Understand the distinction between the universal call of the Great Commission and the targeted approaches Jesus, Paul, and Peter adopted in their ministries.


2 min read | 31 min video

Jesus not only met spiritual needs but also addressed the physical and worldly needs of those He ministered to. Discover how addressing felt needs can open doors to deeper spiritual engagement.


2 min read | 39 min video

Delve into Jesus’ approach to ministry, emphasizing the ecclesia’s role, not as a building but as a community of the called. Learn the significance of reaching out and meeting people in their daily lives, just as Jesus did.


2 min read | 39 min video

Study the method and impact of Jesus’ calls to action. Understand how clear, compelling calls to action can guide your audience towards deeper engagement and commitment.


2 min read | 21 min video

Enjoy a bonus live Church Growth Training 


59 min video

Course Requirements

-301 Level Course Entry Level Course – This course takes you from Zero to Hero!

-No Previous Knowledge Required.

-A Computer with Internet Connection.301

course description:

Become Unshakeable in Your Faith

In a world brimming with diverse beliefs and worldviews, the call for Christians to firmly ground themselves in their faith has never been more pressing.

The Top Online Christian Apologetics Course is not just another program; it’s a comprehensive journey designed to equip believers with the intellectual and spiritual tools needed to confidently defend their faith against skepticism and disbelief.

Why This Course?

-Diverse Content: From atheism to moral relativism, and the philosophical underpinnings of faith versus science, this course tackles the full spectrum of Christian apologetics. No stone is left unturned.

-Engaging Lesson Plans: Our lessons are crafted with the learner in mind, blending rich theological insights with practical, real-world application.

-Interactive Learning Experience: With a blend of video lectures, readings, and quizzes, learners are engaged through every step of their apologetics journey.

Course Highlights

-Understanding Atheism and Agnosticism: Delve into the mindset of atheism and agnosticism, equipping yourself with reasoned responses to the lack of belief in a deity.

-The Moral Argument: Explore the foundations of morality, challenging the subjective morals of today’s culture with absolute truths.

-The Columbo Tactic: Learn to navigate conversations with grace and strategic questioning, turning debates into opportunities for witness.

-The Problem of Evil: Tackle one of the most challenging objections to Christianity, providing compassionate and logical responses to the existence of suffering.

What Will You Achieve?

-Mastery Over Key Apologetic Arguments: Gain confidence in discussing complex topics such as the cosmological and teleological arguments, evolution, and more.

-Empathetic Engagement: Learn how to engage skeptically minded individuals with respect, empathy, and intellectual rigor.

-Deepened Faith: Through challenging your beliefs and confronting skepticism, grow in your faith and understanding of God’s word.

Who Is This Course For?

Whether you’re a seasoned believer looking to deepen your faith defense or new to Christianity and seeking solid ground in apologetics, this course is tailored for you.

It’s perfect for church groups, individual learners, and anyone with a heart for evangelism and outreach.

Enroll Today: Your Journey Awaits

Every moment you wait is an opportunity missed to strengthen your faith and prepare yourself for the conversations that matter. With lifetime access and a supportive online community, you’re not just signing up for a course; you’re joining a movement of believers ready to make a difference.

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  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Take the first step towards mastering your faith defense. Enroll in the Top Online Christian Apologetics Course today and transform your spiritual journey!

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About Your Instructor


Brett Henderson

Brett Henderson is a digital marketing executive at and is the author of The Digital Ministry: Reaching the ends of the earth without leaving home. Brett has consulted with ministry leaders internationally, helping them create custom marketing strategies that get results.

After four years of Christian college, Brett worked at Christian discipleship schools, Christian camps, and was a Youth Ministry Directory at the Salvation Army. He later spent three years in sales and another three as the Marketing Executive for a digital marketing firm. Brett now owns Clickmill, a digital marketing firm that works with Christian churches and nonprofits. Brett’s courses on church marketing have over 9,000 students in 143 countries.

Clickmill specializes in helping churches implement effective digital marketing strategies so they can reach more people online, more effectively. Brett and his wife Siomara live in Honolulu, HI.


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Meet the Course instructor

Brett’s writing has been featured by outlets like Outreach Magazine, Church Tech Today, and the Unstuck Church Group. Brett’s courses on church marketing have over 10,000 students in 143 countries and has spent millions of dollars adverting ministries internationally. Brett is also the author of The Digital Ministry: Reaching the ends of the earth without leaving home and Ministry Marketing: The #1 Guide For Christian Ministries. Brett is the marketing director at and has spoken for many churches, training leaders in subjects like church growth, church marketing, and ministry strategy.

Brett has consulted with ministry leaders internationally, helping them create custom growth strategies that help ministry leaders reach their communities and the world more effectively.

After four years of Christian college, Brett worked at Christian discipleship schools, Christian camps, and was a Youth Ministry Directory at The Salvation Army. He later spent six years in sales and marketing before working for

Through Clickmill, Brett helps ministry leaders implement effective digital marketing strategies so they can reach more people, more effectively. Brett and his wife Siomara live in Oahu, HI.

Brett Henderson

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