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Clickmill’s 4 Step Approach To Creating Biblical Results


  1. Biblical Mindset: Embrace challenges and failure with a godly mindset for spiritual resilience.

  2. Biblical Strategy: Craft strategic plans rooted in stewardship and aligned with your calling.

  3. Biblical Sustainability: Ensure the longevity of your efforts to see the fruition of God’s plan for you.

  4. Biblical Growth: Achieve impactful growth efficiently, avoiding burnout while maximizing outreach.

What's Included?

Transform your ministry approach with the Mindset Upgrade. This free program delves into the art of thinking strategically about ministry, fostering a mindset that cultivates more fruitful outcomes. It’s designed for those eager to understand the dynamics of effective spiritual leadership and create lasting impact in their communities.
What’s Included:

  1. Introductory To Clickmill Ministry Training | Video Course
  2. 5 Values Of High Performance Christians | Video Course
  3. 5-Day Ministry Growth Bible Study | Video Course
  4. Ministry Marketing | .PDF eBook Download
  5. The Digital Ministry | .PDF eBook Download

The Core Skills Subscription offers advanced intellectual tools to enhance your ministry’s effectiveness. Delve into strategy, communication, apologetics, and more to sharpen your ability to engage and influence. This plan is ideal for those seeking to deepen their understanding and apply sophisticated skills for increased spiritual fruitfulness.

  1. Live Classes: Access All Live Weekly Training Classes
  2. Community Chat: Access The Clickmill Training Community & Get Results With Likeminded Believers
  3. Introductory To Clickmill Ministry Training | Video Course
  4. 5 Values Of High Performance Christians | Video Course
  5. 5-Day Ministry Growth Bible Study | Video Course
  6. Ministry Minded Strategy: Biblical Strategic Thinking | Video Course
  7. Christian Apologetics: Answer Tough Questions & Defend Your Faith | Video Course
  8. Infinite Impact: Mastering the Art of Volunteer Attraction | Video Course
  9. Unbreakable: Achieve High Performance Without The Burn Out | Video Course
  10. Strategic Sacrifice: Cutting Through Complexity in High-Stakes Decision Making | Video Course
  11. Effective Evangelism Training: How To Share The Gospel | Video Course
  12. 100 Sermon Topics & Bible Verses | Video Course
  13. Ministry Marketing | eBook Download
  14. The Digital Ministry | eBook Download

Embrace the comprehensive Advanced Skills Subscription for an all-encompassing ministry education. This plan includes everything from the Core Skills and Mindset Upgrade, plus extensive training in digital marketing, corporate structuring, liability management, and leveraging artificial intelligence. It’s the ultimate package for those committed to leading cutting-edge, impactful ministries.

  1. Live Classes: Access All Live Weekly Training Classes
  2. Community Chat: Access The Clickmill Training Community & Get Results With Likeminded Believers
  3. Ultimate Guide To Digital Advertising | Video Course
  4. Get Ministries As Marketing Clients: #1 Cold Lead Gen Strategy | Video Course
  5. Keyword Research Training Video Course
  6. Rank #1 On Google: SEO Training | Video Course
  7. Web Design & WordPress | Video Course
  8. Rank #1 On Google: Advanced SEO Training | Video Course
  9. Get More Sign Ups: Conversion Optimization Training | Video Course
  10. Social Media Strategy | Video Course
  11. AI & Content Creation | Video Course
  12. Advanced Google Ad Grant Training | Video Course

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is this Ministry Growth program righT for me?

"I created this program for MAture believers who are tired of putting in huge effort and feeling like nothing is working. This program is for you if you're ready to discover new strategies and techniquies that will help you produce measureable kingodm results. "
- Brett Henderson

Meet the instructor

Brett’s writing has been featured by outlets like Outreach Magazine, Church Tech Today, and the Unstuck Church Group. Brett’s courses on church marketing have over 10,000 students in 143 countries and has spent millions of dollars adverting ministries internationally. Brett is also the author of The Digital Ministry: Reaching the ends of the earth without leaving home and Ministry Marketing: The #1 Guide For Christian Ministries. Brett is the marketing director at and has spoken for many churches, training leaders in subjects like church growth, church marketing, and ministry strategy.

Brett has consulted with ministry leaders internationally, helping them create custom growth strategies that help ministry leaders reach their communities and the world more effectively.

After four years of Christian college, Brett worked at Christian discipleship schools, Christian camps, and was a Youth Ministry Directory at The Salvation Army. He later spent six years in sales and marketing before working for

Through Clickmill, Brett helps ministry leaders implement effective digital marketing strategies so they can reach more people, more effectively. Brett and his wife Siomara live in Oahu, HI.

brett henderson

get the training you need to make your calling a reality!

Access Courses, Community, Live Classes, eBooks, & Projects Designed To Launch High-Performance Christians Into World-Change.

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ultimate Skills

$ 99
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  • eBook PDF Downlaods
  • List ItemCustom AI Training Tools
  • Access Website Templates
  • Access Custom Plugins
  • Resume Training
  • Marketing Project Available
  • Published On Multiple Websites
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  • Case-By-Case Job References Available
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“Excellent course that connects the sometimes seemingly disconnected task of marketing to the heart and soul of what it is all about. Confidently but modestly delivered and immediately applicable."
Ursula Rowntree
Ministry Administrator
"5 stars all day! Before our training with Clickmill we were struggeling to understanding differences between the Google Ad Grant and normal Google Ads. We also didn't know how to keep Google Grants compliant. During our 2 hour training sessions Brett answered all our questions and gave us great strategy, tools, and training on the Google Grant program. If you are thinking about working with clickmill you should give them a try. Clickmill is doing advertising with integrity which is hard to do these days."
Eric Biddle
Eric Biddle
Creative Director - New Day Creative Marketing
"Training with Brett Henderson with Clickmill was tremendous. He was totally professional, extremely thorough, and taught in a way that was easy to understand the material. He covered everything we needed to understand about Google Ads, running a campaign, and keywords. He even helped with other areas where he recognized we needed help, like SEO and website content. I can’t say enough about his abilities, knowledge, and treatment of each person during the training. He answered all our questions and was extremely patient going only as fast as we could truly understand the material. If you have any doubts about this training or Brett, I highly recommend both. It was worth every penny!"
"Absolutely amazing content and delivery. It Covered the basics of marketing and practical strategies to take my group to the next level. This course met a need I never knew I had."
Pastor frank
Pastor Frank
Connections Pastor
"The Intensive marketing seminar opened our perspective to see marketing as ministry by showing us how to create a "funnel" system (Connect, convert, close) to move new visitors from the door to the core of the church. I highly recommend Brett to any pastor who has a passion to produce fruit. 5 STARS"
Pastor Ko
Pastor Ko
Executive Pastor
“A HUGE MAHALO from Kailua Assembly of God. Clickmill has been an integral part of the successful launch of Kailua Assembly of God going live for the first time using the “Online Church Platform” software. Brett engaged us early in the process with training on how to run our live church services. Then made himself available to help with systems and software integration during the installation of our video equipment. Clickmill's determination to solve issues and staying available until all problems were resolved was key in an initial success first Sunday online. The value-add is there determination to see the customer getting what they paid for. I definitely rate Clickmill 5 out of 5 stars."
Pastor dan
Pastor Dan
Lead Pastor
"5 STARS! Brett Henderson teaches marketing from the modern world perspective which helps us apply the tools and strategies to our modern-day church. Websites and social media is needed today to grow our Churches and Brett explains how we can grow more effectively."
Executive Assistant
"I usually fall asleep or get tired during courses, but this is very real, practical, and down to earth that it makes me hunger for more practical techniques for engaging people effectively."
MISC img
Unnamed Pastor

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