Embracing Eternity: Death As A Christian

Why Facing Death Makes You Unstoppable


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WHAT YOU'LL LEARN in "Death As A Christian"

✓ Understand the profound implications of  Death as a Christian in everyday living

✓ Explore Meeting Jesus in Heaven: An eternal perspective on life’s actions and choices

✓ Learn How to Live Life as a Christian by Integrating faith into daily decisions and interactions

✓ Navigate personal and spiritual growth through the lens of mortality and eternal accountability

✓ Develop resilience and purpose by facing the realities of death with faith and courage

✓ Implement actionable steps for living a life that honors God and reflects your faith

✓ Utilize your God-given talents in service to others and for the expansion of God’s kingdom

✓ Embrace the urgency of sharing the Gospel and influencing others towards faith

The Death As A Christian Course Includes

Content In This Death As A Christian Course

Explore the pivotal moment of Meeting Jesus in Heaven through the lens of Death as a Christian. This lesson unveils the significance of our earthly lives in preparation for the eternal accountability we face. Anchored in the parable of the talents, it encourages us to utilize our gifts for God’s kingdom, underscoring the importance of living with an eternal perspective and preparing for the ultimate meeting with Christ.

2 min read | 12 min video

Delve into Living Life as a Christian with a keen awareness of mortality, understanding its profound impact on decision-making and the essence of a life that honors God. This session unpacks how the awareness of our finite existence can sharpen our focus on what truly counts in heaven—our actions, stewardship of talents, and the influence we have on others towards faith. It underscores the urgency of living in alignment with God’s expectations, preparing for the afterlife, and the importance of leaving a legacy that brings others closer to God.

2 min read | 6 min video

Engage with How to Live Life as a Christian amidst life’s uncertainties, inspired by Brett’s poignant experience at a youth camp. This lesson explores the critical theme of living with purpose and urgency, prompted by the tragic reminder of life’s fragility. It encourages a contemplative approach towards our existence, emphasizing the importance of utilizing our time and talents wisely, in alignment with Christian values. This narrative serves not only as a call to action but as a profound reflection on the ways we can embody our faith in every moment of our lives.

2 min read | 9 min video

This lesson delves into Death as a Christian and its intersection with personal struggles and mental health, guided by Brett’s personal story and his experiences with those close to him. It addresses the unpredictable nature of death and the critical importance of living purposefully in the face of this certainty. Highlighting the story of Mitch, it brings to light the complex interplay between life’s demands, mental health, and the potential consequences of neglecting such issues. Through a thoughtful exploration of faith in action, this session invites participants to consider the profound impact of their support and kindness towards others, especially in challenging times, and the importance of building a compassionate community.

2 min read | 11 min video

Dive into the profound teachings of Christ on the true essence of life and death, challenging the conventional understanding and urging a spiritual reawakening. This lesson explores the notion that genuine life extends beyond our physical existence, embracing the eternal and spiritual dimensions as taught by Jesus. It calls us to live in such a way that reflects our spiritual beliefs, shedding worldly desires for a more profound relationship with God. By recognizing our role as beacons of light in a world dimmed by spiritual unawareness, we’re motivated to actively share the Gospel, bringing hope and spiritual revival to those yet to discover Christ. This session not only redefines our perception of life and death but also reinforces our mission to live out the Gospel, illuminating the path for others towards eternal life.

2 min read | 8 min video

Unlock the key to effective time management within your spiritual journey, learning to allocate your most precious resource—time—towards fulfilling God’s purpose. This lesson underscores the finite nature of time and the critical importance of using it with intentionality, aligning our daily activities with God’s will and our spiritual growth. Through practical strategies and simple life adjustments, discover how to eliminate time-wasters and optimize your routine to free up more time for meaningful activities, including family, spiritual disciplines, and serving others. This session not only offers a blueprint for stewarding your time wisely but also emphasizes the eternal significance of how we choose to spend each moment given to us by God.

2 min read | 12 min video

Elevate your life’s purpose through strategic time management and prioritization, drawing on biblical wisdom and the practices of highly successful individuals. This lesson emphasizes the transformative power of doing the uncommon—engaging in activities that demand more from us but in return, offer greater fulfillment and alignment with our spiritual journey. From conducting a detailed time audit to applying the Pareto principle for maximum efficiency, you’ll learn to discern and eliminate the non-essential, focusing your energy on what genuinely matters. By aligning your daily actions with the ultimate goal of meeting Jesus in Heaven, this session equips you with the tools to live a life of intentional faithfulness and purpose.

2 min read | 8 min video

Death As A Christian Course Requirements

-Entry Level Course – This course takes you from Zero to Hero!

-No Previous Knowledge Required.

-A Computer with Internet Connection.

Death As A Christian course description:

Unveil the blueprint for confronting Death as a Christian with our transformative online course!

Dive deep into the heart of spiritual resilience by exploring the profound realities of Death as a Christian and how it shapes our approach to life. This comprehensive course, inspired by Brett’s personal journey and biblical teachings, offers an unparalleled journey into understanding mortality from a Christian perspective, providing clear, actionable insights for living a life that honors God.

Transform Your Perspective in Just 7 Days…

Join us on this journey and unlock the potential to live an unstoppable life by applying biblical wisdom on Death as a Christian. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your faith, live with purpose, or prepare for Meeting Jesus in Heaven, this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need.

What The Course Focuses On:

  • Understanding Death as a Christian: Gaining insights into the inevitable reality of mortality and its impact on our spiritual and daily life.
  • How to Live Life as a Christian: Exploring actionable steps and biblical wisdom to live a purposeful, faith-driven life.
  • Preparing for Meeting Jesus in Heaven: Reflecting on our lives and actions in light of eternity and our eventual face-to-face encounter with Christ.

What You Will Gain In Our Course:

  • Deep Biblical Insights: Explore the scriptures and personal stories that highlight the Christian approach to life, death, and eternity.
  • Practical Life Strategies: Learn how to apply the teachings of Jesus and the wisdom of the Bible to navigate life’s uncertainties with faith and purpose.
  • Spiritual Preparation: Tools and reflections to ready yourself for the ultimate meeting with Jesus, ensuring your life is a testament to your faith.
  • Community Support: Engage with fellow believers navigating the same journey, offering support, and sharing insights on living as a Christian in anticipation of eternity.

Who This Course Is For

  • Believers at any stage of their faith journey seeking to gain a deeper understanding of Death as a Christian.
  • Those looking for biblical guidance on How to Live Life as a Christian with an eternal perspective.
  • Individuals preparing their hearts and lives for Meeting Jesus in Heaven and the reality of that in this life.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your spiritual understanding and readiness for eternity. Enroll in our course now and start transforming your approach to life and death with the enduring hope of Meeting Jesus in Heaven.

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Brett Henderson

Brett Henderson is a digital marketing executive at Clickmill.co and is the author of The Digital Ministry: Reaching the ends of the earth without leaving home. Brett has consulted with ministry leaders internationally, helping them create custom marketing strategies that get results.

After four years of Christian college, Brett worked at Christian discipleship schools, Christian camps, and was a Youth Ministry Directory at the Salvation Army. He later spent three years in sales and another three as the Marketing Executive for a digital marketing firm. Brett now owns Clickmill, a digital marketing firm that works with Christian churches and nonprofits. Brett’s courses on church marketing have over 9,000 students in 143 countries.

Clickmill specializes in helping churches implement effective digital marketing strategies so they can reach more people online, more effectively. Brett and his wife Siomara live in Honolulu, HI.

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Brett’s writing has been featured by outlets like Outreach Magazine, Church Tech Today, and the Unstuck Church Group. Brett’s courses on church marketing have over 10,000 students in 143 countries and has spent millions of dollars adverting ministries internationally. Brett is also the author of The Digital Ministry: Reaching the ends of the earth without leaving home and Ministry Marketing: The #1 Guide For Christian Ministries. Brett is the marketing director at Clickmill.co and has spoken for many churches, training leaders in subjects like church growth, church marketing, and ministry strategy.

Brett has consulted with ministry leaders internationally, helping them create custom growth strategies that help ministry leaders reach their communities and the world more effectively.

After four years of Christian college, Brett worked at Christian discipleship schools, Christian camps, and was a Youth Ministry Directory at The Salvation Army. He later spent six years in sales and marketing before working for Clickmill.co.

Through Clickmill, Brett helps ministry leaders implement effective digital marketing strategies so they can reach more people, more effectively. Brett and his wife Siomara live in Oahu, HI.

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