Church Visitor Strategy: #1 Mistake Costing You Church Visitors

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Would you like to know the top reason you aren’t getting new visitors and want to create a church visitor strategy to get and keep new church visitors? 

Well, you’re in luck because in this article, we are going to do just that.

Let’s get into it!

Why Aren’t You Getting More Church Visitors?

Many church leaders still believe the saying, “If you build it, they will come.”

If this is your church’s plan to draw in new people, it is no longer enough. This is why you are not seeing the church growth that you are seeking. 

The saying is only true if you are the first to “build it.” 

If your church is the first Presbyterian church in Minnesota, or the first international online church, then yes, just creating it is enough to draw people in. 

welcome new church members

People will come if you are the first because options are limited, and your church may be the only one that meets their specific needs.

However, nowadays there are probably dozens of church options in your area a new church visitor could choose from. 

This means that it is less likely that a potential church visitor will choose your church.

Because of this, hope is no longer a viable strategy–church leaders can no longer expect people to happen upon their church on Sunday morning and walk through the doors. 

These chance meetings should only be the cherry on top of a solid church marketing strategy

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How To Bring In New Church Visitors

How do we attract people to your church with a church marketing plan?

To do this, we must follow the example Jesus set in His ministry. But why Jesus?

He was the most profound influencer of His time, with thousands of people following Him through the desert.  

And how did He draw so many followers to His ministry? Jesus went to His audience, instead of hoping they would come to Him. 

Here are five examples of people going to their specific audience in Scripture: 

  • Jesus met Peter, James, and John in their hometown. (Matthew 4:18-22)
  • He found the Gentile woman when He went to the well in Samaria. (John 4
  • Paul went to his audience in Rome, because he knew that was the most effective way to reach them. (Acts 23:11)
  • Many of the books of the Bible were written for particular audiences and sent to each of those specific groups (The book of Galatians went to the church at Galatia).
  • Jesus humbled Himself and took on human flesh to go to His audience–humanity. (Philippians 2:7)

In today’s world, we can no longer expect new people to seek us out on Sunday mornings.

Instead, you have to find your audience where they’re at and meet their needs. 

Whether that means reaching out on social media platforms or sending out missions teams, meeting people’s needs in the place where they feel comfortable will increase the likelihood that they’ll follow you into church.

When you go out and start meeting needs, not only will you be welcoming new church visitors, you’ll also be welcoming new church members!

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Do you feel that your church is good at going out to bring in more people, or does your church need to improve in that area? Comment below!

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