Discipleship School: 11 Most Revered Discipleship Schools [2024]

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Ever thought about how you can channel your passion for ministry into real-world impact through a discipleship school?

Curious about how to deepen your spiritual journey?

Let’s dive into the world of discipleship schools and uncover how they can shape your path in ministry and leadership. 🌱

In this article, we’re going to discuss what a discipleship school is, why it’s essential, who it’s perfect for, and how to choose the right one for you.

Let’s get to it!

What is a Discipleship School?

Have you ever found yourself at the crossroads of faith, yearning for a deeper understanding, only to be met with the vast, sometimes intimidating term: discipleship school? It sounds fancy, maybe even a tad complex, right?

But let’s break it down. A discipleship school isn’t some high-brow institution reserved for the elite few. Think of it as a spiritual journey, a bridge connecting your current understanding of faith to a profound, enriched comprehension of God’s word and His calling for your life.

With the world buzzing with information and a myriad of perspectives, it’s easy to get lost or even misinformed. That’s where a discipleship school steps in, acting as a beacon of light. Through structured learning, mentorship, and real-life experiences, it illuminates the path of faith, helping you navigate the intricate tapestry of Christian teachings.

So, if you’re looking to deepen your relationship with God, understand the Bible in its true essence, or even prepare for a life dedicated to ministry, a discipleship school might just be your next stop. Let’s delve deeper into its origins and its relevance in today’s world.

What is Discipleship?

When we hear the word ‘discipleship’, it’s not just a modern Christian concept or a fleeting trend. It’s as old as the scriptures themselves, a foundational element deeply woven into the fabric of Christian teachings. To truly grasp its essence, let’s embark on a journey back in time and explore the biblical roots of discipleship.

Following and Imitating Jesus: The heart of discipleship beats in the footsteps of Jesus. Remember when He beckoned with the words, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men“? This wasn’t just an invitation; it was a clarion call to embody and mirror His teachings, to walk in His ways, and to become vessels of His divine message.

Commitment and Sacrifice: Embracing discipleship isn’t a walk in the park. It demands dedication, sometimes even requiring personal sacrifices. This is echoed in Jesus’s words, “Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.” It’s a testament to the depth of commitment and the lengths one might go to, in their pursuit of spiritual growth.

Continual Learning: Being a disciple isn’t a graduation; it’s an ongoing education. It’s not about reaching a destination but cherishing the journey itself. The essence of this continuous learning and evolution is captured in John 8:31-32, emphasizing the importance of abiding in the Word and the liberation it brings.

For a more in-depth exploration into the concept of discipleship and its implementation by Jesus, don’t miss out on this insightful article titled WHAT IS DISCIPLESHIP & HOW JESUS IMPLEMENTED IT [2023]. It sheds light on the intricacies and nuances of discipleship as envisioned and practiced by Jesus Himself.

Why Attend a Discipleship School?

Ah, the burning question on your mind! With all this talk about discipleship schools, you might be wondering, “Why should I attend one?” Well, let’s dive right in and decipher the reasons that make these schools the epicenters of spiritual enlightenment for many.

Nurturing Young Christian Leaders

Imagine having a reservoir of passion, discipline, and dreams. Now, envision a place that can help transform this raw potential into a force to be reckoned with. That’s precisely what a discipleship school does. It’s not just about feeding you information; it’s about grooming you, refining your skills, and honing your leadership capabilities. With mentors to guide you and a community to support you, it’s the perfect breeding ground for the next generation of Christian leaders. And who knows? That could be you!

Preparing for Ministry and Missions

The call for ministry or missions isn’t just a fleeting feeling; it’s a profound pull, a divine beckoning. But how do you prepare for such a monumental task? Enter discipleship schools. They act as your spiritual compass, charting out the path you need to tread. From understanding the scriptures in-depth to getting hands-on experience in real-world ministry settings, these schools ensure you’re well-equipped. So, before you set sail on your missionary journey, consider a discipleship school as your essential prep ground.

Benefits of a Structured Discipleship Program

Let’s talk structure. Think about the most magnificent buildings or the most intricate artworks. Behind their beauty lies a structured approach, a method to the madness. Similarly, spiritual growth, while deeply personal, benefits immensely from structure. A structured discipleship program offers a well-defined roadmap to spiritual development. It ensures you cover all bases, from theological knowledge to practical ministry skills. It’s like having a spiritual blueprint, guiding you at every step, ensuring your growth is holistic and well-rounded.

So, if you’re teetering on the edge, wondering if a discipleship school is the right fit for you, consider the immense growth, guidance, and grounding it offers. It might just be the leap of faith you need to take.

Who Are Discipleship Schools Right For?

Pondering if a discipleship school is the right avenue for your spiritual aspirations? Let’s delve into the types of individuals these schools typically cater to and see if it aligns with your journey.

Aligning Passion with Purpose

Have you often visualized yourself guiding a group, shedding light on scriptures, and becoming a pillar of faith in your community? Maybe the call of missionary work, sharing the gospel in diverse settings, tugs at your heartstrings. If roles like a youth pastor or missionary strike a chord with you, then a discipleship school is probably the platform you’ve been seeking. It’s crafted to bridge your fervent passions with a meaningful trajectory in Christian ministry.

Meeting the Needs of Young Believers

Being a spirited young believer comes with its unique set of challenges. Balancing part-time ministry, academic commitments, volunteering stints, and personal endeavors can sometimes feel like a juggling act. Enter discipleship schools: institutions tailored to accommodate this dynamic blend of zeal and dedication. Their adaptable schedules and multifaceted courses are a haven for young believers, melding faith-centric education with real-world commitments.

From Bible Study Enthusiasts to Aspiring Youth Pastors

Stepping into a discipleship school doesn’t necessitate a vast reservoir of theological knowledge or extensive ministry experience. Whether you’re the enthusiastic participant in Bible study sessions or are just commencing your spiritual sojourn, discipleship schools welcome you with open arms. They cater to a broad range of believers, from novices in faith to those prepping to guide others. In essence, it’s an ecosystem of learning and spiritual evolution, accommodating every phase of your faith journey.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that some discipleship schools, like Clickmill, have a specialized focus. They are geared towards disciplined believers who are eager to delve into areas like ministry planting, Christian entrepreneurship, Christian digital marketing, digital evangelism, and digital ministry. Such schools understand the evolving landscape of modern ministry and equip believers with the tools and knowledge to thrive in these niche areas. While more traditional discipleship schools cater to a broader audience, institutions like Clickmill seek mature believers ready for a rigorous program. This approach is more technical and is aimed at creating palpable kingdom impacts both in the digital realm and in physical communities.

Top 11 Christian Discipleship Schools

Embarking on a discipleship journey can be a transformative experience. With so many schools out there, finding the one that resonates with your spiritual aspirations can be a challenge. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 discipleship schools to consider:

Discipleship School 1: Revolution Hawai’i

Revolution Hawaii is more than a discipleship school; it’s an immersive call to faith and action. Located on Oahu’s breathtaking north shore, this program challenges young adults to blend profound spiritual growth with hands-on service.

Here, opportunities abound:

  • Deepen your bond with Christ.
  • Serve the marginalized and needy.
  • Live Jesus’s teachings daily.

Set against the backdrop of the idyllic Camp Homelani, participants reside in cozy cabins, cultivating a tight-knit Christian community. But it’s not all tranquil beach vibes. The program is intense, focusing on urban and beach ministry, outreach to at-risk youth, and support for addicts.

Twice a year, Revolution Hawaii offers its 3-month Essential missions. These sessions, available in September and January, are immersive, guiding participants through some of Oahu’s most challenging terrains, both spiritually and socially. The collaboration with local entities and The Salvation Army ensures a holistic ministry experience.

Revolution Hawaii isn’t just about spiritual growth; it’s about embodying change and making a real-world impact.

Key Highlights:

  • Price: $3,000.00 USD per session (includes tuition, accommodation, meals, and supplies).
  • Affiliation: The Salvation Army.
  • Location: Oahu, HI.
  • Program Length: 3 months.
  • Focus: Urban and beach ministry, outreach to at-risk youth, and rehabilitation support.
  • Sessions: Twice a year (September and January).

Discipleship School 2: Clickmill’s Christian Marketing & Discipleship Program

Clickmill’s Christian Discipleship Program beckons mature followers of Christ who are not only grounded in their faith but have a burning passion to marry their spiritual journey with the realms of business, entrepreneurship, and online ministry. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill program. Instead, it’s a meticulously curated journey for believers who have the dedication and drive to propel into the world of Christian entrepreneurship, church planting, and digital ministry. effectively. If you are hungry, and ready to get to work to help ministries reach more people for the gospel, then you are going to learn in a hands-on, digital marketing environment accompanied by biblical teaching on growth, evangelism, business, finance, investing, strategic thinking, decision making, and more. Through this process, you will be equipped to start Christian businesses, ministries, work for marketing firms, churches, and broadly – help ministry leaders reach the world more effectively.  

Who is it For?

This program is tailor-made for seasoned believers who envision a future in business endeavors, church planting, or spearheading Christian ministries in the digital age. If you’re someone who’s ready to invest in real-life church marketing tasks, embrace hours of rigorous training, delve into insightful reading materials, and embark on a journey of continuous learning, this program is your calling.

Discipleship Program Specialities:

Business and Ministry Growth Strategies: Dive deep into innovative strategies that can amplify the reach and impact of your business or ministry.

Digital Evangelism: Master the art of online outreach, tapping into platforms and tools that resonate with today’s digital natives.

Web Design & Content Creation: Learn the intricacies of designing compelling websites and curating content that resonates and engages.

Video & Social Media Marketing: Harness the power of video and social media to spread the word, engage with followers, and build a community.

Entrepreneurship & Foundation Building: From conceptualizing ideas to realizing them, get insights into the world of Christian entrepreneurship.

Holistic Skill Development: The end goal is to equip you with a comprehensive skill set, tangible results, and experiences that can be your stepping stones in your future career, academic pursuits, or entrepreneurial ventures.

Benefits & Structure of the Program:

  • Investment in Growth: The program is priced at $200 per month, ensuring you receive top-tier training and resources.
  • Flexible Duration: Operating year-round, it offers the flexibility to join or depart at any phase, respecting individual needs and commitments.
  • Comprehensive Training: Apart from hands-on projects, you’ll have access to a repository of training videos and recommended reading materials that will further enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Empowering Mature Believers: This isn’t a foundational course. It’s designed for believers who are solid in their faith and are eager to amplify their impact in the world of business and ministry.

If you’re a believer eager to blend your profound faith with the dynamic world of digital marketing, business, and ministry, the Clickmill Christian Discipleship Program awaits you. Ignite your passion, hone your skills, and prepare to make a monumental impact in the Christian digital realm.

Price: $300 USD per month. 

Affiliation: Non-Denominational 

Location: Fully Remote. Program 

Length: Continuous (join or leave at any time). 6 Month & 1 Year Certificates Of Completion Included

Focus: Business and Ministry Growth Strategies, Digital Evangelism, Web Design, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurship Foundation. 

Sessions: Year-round enrollment.

See Clickmill’s Discipleship Training Program

Discipleship School 3: Northwest School of Discipleship

Set in the serene landscape of Tigard, Oregon, the Northwest School of Discipleship (NWSD) operates under the aegis of the Southwest Church of Christ.

This institution is dedicated to curating a transformative learning environment for followers of Jesus, regardless of their spiritual milestones.

They emphasize the profound impact of the Bible, guiding disciples to comprehend its dual nature – both divine and human.

Practical application is at the forefront, ensuring that students can seamlessly integrate theological insights into their daily life.

One of the NWSD’s flagship programs is Project Antioch.

Drawing inspiration from the fervent community of disciples in the book of Acts, this gap year initiative aspires to kindle the same spirit in today’s generation.

Over a span of nine months, participants from all corners of the country come together for spiritual growth, Biblical worldview training, and hands-on ministry. This culminates in a unique mission or service experience.

Moreover, the NWSD takes pride in its paid Preaching Ministry Internship, curated for young men inclined towards ministry and currently enrolled in formal theological studies.

This summer initiative is designed to mold interns for congregational ministry, anchoring them in Biblical theology and the Restoration Movement theological perspectives.

Interns not only gain hands-on experience in sermon delivery and worship assembly leadership but also delve into a spectrum of congregational ministry responsibilities.

The heart of this internship is collaboration. Interns are placed in different partnering churches across Portland.

Although they primarily liaise with their immediate church supervisor, the director of the NWSD also plays an integral role in their development.

To foster camaraderie and mutual growth, the intern cohort congregates weekly for prayer sessions and discussions, emphasizing the importance of forming lasting ministry friendships and imbibing the essence of healthy, accountable relationships.

Graduates of Project Antioch step out equipped and clear-headed about God’s divine calling.

As they transition to the subsequent phases of their lives, whether academia, professional realms, or other pursuits, their stint at Project Antioch ensures they amplify their impact on the Kingdom. The underlying ethos of this program is to perpetually nurture generations in the light of Jesus Christ.

Price: Not Provided
Affiliation: Southwest Church of Christ Location:
Tigard, OR Program Length: 9 months (Project Antioch); Summer (Preaching Ministry Internship)
Focus: Spiritual growth, Biblical worldview training, hands-on ministry, sermon delivery, and leadership.
Sessions: Year-round with specific summer internships.

Discipleship School 4: Youth With a Mission Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS)

YWAM’s Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS) is more than just a program; it’s a journey towards a profound relationship with God. This meticulously crafted course offers participants the chance to not only learn but to deeply understand their role in God’s grand vision for the world.

Discipleship Training School

At the heart of YWAM’s mission is a simple yet profound call: Pursue God. This clarion call is designed to resonate with those who harbor an intrinsic longing for an intimate bond with God. The DTS is structured to ignite that passion, helping participants uncover their divine purpose in the world.

Intensive Christian Training

So, what does the DTS entail? Spread over six months, this program fuses classroom instruction with practical service, small group activities, and introspective reflection. Participants are not only entrenched in theoretical knowledge but are also exposed to the nuances of community living, fostering a holistic approach to discipleship.

LECTURE PHASE: Deepening the Divine Connection

The lecture phase is all about introspection and growth. Here, participants delve deep into God’s Word, the world, and His intent for them. It’s a phase of transformation, where a shift in perspective is married with personal development. The community becomes a crucible for learning, where interactions with peers and mentors offer invaluable insights.

OUTREACH PHASE: Translating Knowledge into Action

Post the intensive lecture phase, participants transition to the outreach phase. Here, the cohort is split into smaller teams, each dispatched to different corners of the globe. This phase is an exploration of one’s capabilities, offering a platform to serve, care, and disseminate the teachings of Jesus.

With YWAM’s DTS, participants embark on a journey of discovery. It’s an opportunity to not only deepen one’s relationship with God but also to understand the role each one plays in His grand tapestry.

Price: Unspecified 

Affiliation: Youth With a Mission 

Location: Multiple global outreach locations 

Program Length: 6 months (includes lecture and outreach phases) 

Focus: Deepening relationship with God, community living, practical service, and evangelism. 

Sessions: Biannual.

Discipleship Training School 5: The World Race

The World Race offers an unparalleled adventure in faith, weaving discipleship into a global travel experience.

Designed especially for recent high school graduates, the World Race: Gap Year is a 9-month expedition through three countries.

It’s not just about visiting different places but also about experiencing Christ’s teachings in diverse cultural landscapes.

Those who crave a more immersive experience can embark on an 11-month trek across 11 nations.

World Race: Gap Year – A Deep Dive into Faith and Service

This isn’t a mere gap year; it’s a transformative journey into faith, service, and self-awareness. Participants are plunged into environments where they collaborate with seasoned leaders to spread the hope of Jesus while addressing the tangible needs of communities.

While the World Race Gap Year is a chance to serve, it’s also an opportunity for personal growth. Living and working in foreign communities, participants not only contribute to the missions but also undergo profound spiritual and personal development.

The journey culminates in a return to the Adventures in Missions campus, marking a re-entry phase. Here, participants reflect on their experiences, preparing to integrate their learning into their future pursuits, be it further education, professional careers, or dedicated ministry.

A Glimpse into the World Race Experience:

Training Grounds: The journey commences at the Gainesville, GA headquarters, where participants undergo intensive training. This phase prepares them to be effective missionaries and enriches them with cross-cultural insights.

Adventure Awaits: Venturing into different countries, participants get a taste of global cultures, learning to appreciate diversity while forging deep connections.

Leadership: Embracing the mantle of leadership, participants learn to guide themselves and inspire others, making impactful decisions that resonate with their faith.

Growing with God: This journey offers numerous opportunities for participants to encounter God in profound ways, laying a solid Biblical foundation under the mentorship of esteemed leaders.

Community and Love: Being the hands and feet of Jesus means extending love and compassion. Participants experience the joy of serving while building strong bonds within a Christ-centric community.

Making a Difference: Living out the Great Commission, participants discover their divine purpose and how they can make meaningful differences in the world.

Life Post-Mission: As alumni of the World Race Gap Year, participants are equipped to transition into diverse fields, be it colleges, professional sectors, or ministries. With the experiences garnered, they are poised to excel both in their careers and personal lives.

Essential Details:

Price: Unspecified

Affiliation: Adventures in Missions

Location: Begins in Gainesville, GA with travels to multiple countries

Program Length: 9 months or an extended 11-month option

Focus: Cross-cultural discipleship, leadership, community service, and spiritual growth

Sessions: Year-round with flexible entry points

Discipleship Training School 6: Adventures in Missions

Adventures in Missions offers transformative experiences tailored to various age demographics, from gap year explorations to shorter high school adventures.

Central to their mission is the drive to empower individuals to live out their faith in real-world contexts, touching lives across diverse communities.

A key highlight is the World Race: Gap Year. This 9-month Christian immersion propels high school graduates into the heart of global communities.

It’s more than just a travel escapade; it’s a journey into self-awareness, faith, and service.

Participants collaborate with seasoned leaders, spreading hope, and love in Jesus’ name while addressing pressing community needs.

Venturing across the world, participants delve deep into destinations rife with culture, history, and opportunities for service.

From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of Rural Mississippi, the diverse destinations span continents and histories.

Whether it’s experiencing the rich traditions of Southeast Asia or understanding the struggles in Rural Mississippi, every location offers unique insights and experiences.

For a closer look at their myriad of global expeditions, explore their destinations:

North America: From the vibrant culture of New Orleans to the historic narratives of Native American Lands, discover the varied landscapes and stories of this vast continent.

Central America: Dive into the heart of countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica, understanding their unique challenges and contributions.

Southeast Asia: A region rich in history, spirituality, and natural beauty. A journey here promises deep insights into traditions and modern-day challenges.

Eastern Europe: Explore countries like Romania, a nation steeped in history, folklore, and breathtaking landscapes.

Country in the Caribbean: Experience the allure of the Caribbean, from the mysteries of Cuba to the vibrant life in the Dominican Republic.

A complete list of their dynamic destinations can be accessed here.

Essential Details:

Price: Not Provided

Affiliation: Adventures in Missions

Location: Global, with headquarters in the US.

Program Length: Varies by program, with the Gap Year being 9 months.

Focus: Spiritual growth, community service, and cultural immersion.

Sessions: Year-round, tailored to various age groups and durations.

Discipleship Training School 7: Immersion Discipleship School

Immersion offers a distinctive gap year program, blending intensive learning with well-deserved breaks.

Over nine months, students journey through two “Immersion” terms in diverse countries, punctuated by a two-month holiday interval.

The curriculum is comprehensive, beginning with a rigorous Theology Class. Delving deep into topics like Healing, Salvation, and End Times, students explore Pentecostal views by studying the book, “Foundations of Pentecostal Theology”.

Recognizing the limited systematic theology resources with a Pentecostal lens, this class fills a significant void.

The Hearing God Class underscores the essence of divine communication.

Emphasizing God’s love and desire to communicate with His children, this course illuminates ways to discern His voice in today’s world.

The Track Classes encapsulate the tenets of Christian faith, integrating teachings, discussions, and prayers. Supplementing classroom sessions with daily Bible readings and weekly messages, it fosters a holistic understanding.

A spotlight class, How To Study the Bible, offers a structured approach to understanding Scripture.

Students learn the inductive Bible study method, ensuring they not only grasp biblical truths but also integrate them into their lives.

For a deeper dive and further details, explore Immersion Discipleship School.

Essential Details:

Price: Not provided

Affiliation: Not provided

Location: Not provided

Program Length: Nine months.

Focus: Intensive theological learning, discerning God’s voice, and understanding Christian faith.

Sessions: Two “Immersion” terms interspersed with a two-month holiday break.

Discipleship Training School 8: Antioch Training School

Antioch Training School (ATS) offers an immersive journey for individuals from all walks of life, aiming to nurture a deep relationship with God and discover their unique role within Christ’s body.

ATS is designed to empower believers through a mix of profound Biblical teachings, hands-on training, and Spirit-led sessions, all set within a nurturing environment emphasizing mutual respect, personal growth, and rigorous accountability.

The school’s curriculum is two-fold: The Fall semester delves into ‘Encountering God’ and achieving ‘Personal Wholeness’, while the Spring term emphasizes adopting a ‘Great Commission Worldview’ and embodying a ‘Kingdom Culture Lifestyle’.

An integral aspect of the year-long program is guiding students in pinpointing their distinct calling, culminating in a Unique Calling Presentation.

Apart from standard church activities, students are encouraged to cultivate daily spiritual habits, engage in Bible studies, evangelize, and understand their personality traits.

Running from mid-August to June, ATS classes convene every Monday night from 6:00 – 9:30 p.m. Discover more about this transformative experience at Antioch.

Price: To be determined (please refer to the official website or contact the institution directly).

Affiliation: Antioch Church.

Location: (Specific location not provided in the original information. Refer to website or contact the institution.)

Program Length: Mid-August to June.

Focus: Biblical teachings, hands-on training, personal growth, and discovering unique callings within the body of Christ.

Sessions: Weekly, every Monday night.

Discipleship Training School 9: Rise Up

Rise Up offers a transformative 12-week online discipleship journey tailored for young adults.

Through a meticulously crafted blend of digital training videos, written materials, assignments, and interactive group sessions via Google Hangouts, participants are immersed in a comprehensive spiritual curriculum.

This structure not only facilitates flexible learning but also fosters a tight-knit community of believers, all fervently seeking a profound connection with God.

At the heart of Rise Up lies the principle of “Life-to-Life Discipleship”. It encourages individuals to truly “Know” God beyond mere concepts, actively “Engage” with the divine purpose imprinted within them, and “Build” their lives around Christ’s eternal cause.

As participants navigate through these pillars, they are challenged to grapple with real-life questions, develop a Kingdom-centric mindset, and realize the profound impact of God’s relationship on every facet of their existence.

For those eager to embark on a journey that seamlessly combines spiritual growth with the convenience of online learning, Rise Up awaits. Discover more at Rise Up Discipleship.

Price: Not Provided

Affiliation: Independent

Location: Online

Program Length: 12 weeks

Focus: Online discipleship course for young adults emphasizing knowing God personally, tackling real-life relationship questions, and living with a Kingdom mindset.

Sessions: Online training videos, written material, and team meetings via online video conferencing.

Discipleship Training School 10: Solid Rock Discipleship

Situated in Long Prairie, MN, Solid Rock Disciple offers a holistic leadership program.

This distinctive curriculum fuses spiritual teachings with hands-on experiences, ensuring students are adept in guiding others in their faith.

Their in-depth curriculum provides students with 27 transferable credits from courses such as Intro to the Bible and History of the Church.

Trips play a pivotal role: the Solid Rock Leadership Experience in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, the Israel Study Tour aligning with their Holy Land course, and the reflective Service Week in Northern Minnesota.

Further, students grow through weekly chapels, mentoring, and community living, embodying Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Teaming up with Lake Beauty Ministries, students discern their leadership style and serve the community.

Solid Rock Discipleship’s comprehensive fee of $16,700 covers tuition, books, housing, meals, and trips, with additional personal expenses recommended.

The academic calendar is akin to conventional universities, running from late August to early May, inclusive of holiday breaks.

For more details, visit Solid Rock Disciple.

Price: $16,700 (inclusive of tuition, accommodation, meals, and trips).
Affiliation: Independent.
Location: Long Prairie, MN.
Program Length: 9 months
Focus: Spiritual teachings, leadership experiences, trips, and community living.

Discipleship Training School 11: Gospel Mission

Hailing from Winkler, Canada, the Gospel Mission Church Discipleship School (GMDS) has tailored its program for young adults aged 18-25.

The vision? To cultivate a deep-rooted passion for God, understand one’s identity as a child of God, and empower students with robust scriptural foundations.

The ultimate aim is to ready students to be community and church leaders, and influencers in diverse sectors, ensuring they recognize their role in fulfilling Matthew 28:18-19’s Great Commission.

The teaching framework is comprehensive, spearheaded by the school director, Bryan Neisteter, who boasts an M. Div. from Providence Theological Seminary and a B.A. in Youth Leadership.

Guest instructors enrich the curriculum, including pastors like Terry Caron and Jeff Banman, along with several from the Gospel Mission Church staff.

Topics span from Foundations of Spiritual Growth, such as Worship and Hearing God’s Voice, to Biblical and Theological Foundations like Bible Overviews and Doctrine Discernment.

For an in-depth look into the courses and their sequence, potential students are encouraged to explore their website.

Price: Not specified

Affiliation: Gospel Mission Church 

Location: Winkler, Canada. 

Program Length: ?

Focus: Spiritual growth, leadership development, biblical studies, and ministry foundations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Discipleship Schools

What is a Discipleship School?
A discipleship school is an educational program focused on spiritual development, leadership training, and ministry involvement. These schools aim to deepen students’ relationship with God while equipping them for various forms of Christian ministry or community service.

What is the focus of the Northwest School of Discipleship?
The Northwest School of Discipleship, based in Tigard, Oregon, centers its curriculum on transformative learning experiences rooted in the Bible. The school emphasizes practical application, spiritual growth, and leadership development. It offers various programs including Project Antioch for young adults and a summer preaching internship.

What differentiates a Discipleship Training School from other Christian educational programs?
Discipleship Training Schools often combine academic coursework with hands-on ministry experiences. They usually have a shorter duration than a full undergraduate program and may include outreaches, international missions, or community service projects as part of the curriculum.

Are Discipleship Training Schools accredited?
Accreditation varies from school to school. Some discipleship training schools offer courses that can be transferred to other educational institutions, but it’s important to verify this information with each specific school.

Can I work while attending a Discipleship School?
Many discipleship schools have an intensive schedule that includes classroom learning, group discussions, and practical ministry involvement. Therefore, it might be challenging to maintain a full-time job while enrolled.

What age groups are typically targeted by Discipleship Training Schools?
Discipleship training schools often cater to a wide range of age groups, from high school graduates to adults looking for a career or life change. However, some schools may focus on specific age ranges, such as 18-25 or 30 and above.

Are there online options for Discipleship Training Schools?
Yes, some discipleship training schools offer online courses or hybrid programs that mix online and in-person experiences. These are ideal for people who cannot commit to a full-time, residential program.

What types of outreach activities are common in Discipleship Training Schools?
Outreach activities can vary but often include local community service, overseas missions trips, evangelism projects, and partnerships with existing ministries or churches.

What subjects are usually covered in the curriculum of a Discipleship School?
Typical subjects can include Biblical studies, theology, ministry skills, leadership development, and specific topics like evangelism, and missions.

How do I choose the right Discipleship Training School for me? Consider your spiritual, academic, and vocational goals, as well as the school’s focus, faculty qualifications, and outreach opportunities. Financial considerations and location are also important factors.

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