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Staffing The Web Designer & Graphic Designer (EDITed)

The Web & Graphic Designer

Website design is important. If your website isn’t designed correctly, 1,000,000 viewers could be sent to your website and it still wouldn’t generate any results. Many church Web Designers or “media guys”, are exceptionally gifted at creating beautiful websites and images. Unfortunately, beauty alone won’t inspire anyone to take action. Many beautiful ministry websites are downright confusing and inspire confused visitors to give up and go somewhere else. The Web Designer must have a good understanding of how to design digital assets that are not only artistically moving, but also move the user to the next phase of your marketing funnel. 

  • Platform Proficiency: The Web Designer should be proficient at using the platform your church website is built on. 
  • Design Skill: The Web Designer should be able to create beautifully designed digital assets and have a portfolio of these assets to show you as an example of your work. 
  • User Experience Design: The Web Designer should have an in-depth understanding of User Experience Design. User Experience Design is the ability to design a website in such a way that the user ALWAYS knows what to do. When users get confused, they leave. Good user experience design is shown through high website conversion rates (between 5% and 15%).
  • Landing Page Design: The Web Designer should have training on how to create landing pages for advertising campaigns and special offers. A landing page is a secluded page that is specifically designed to increase the viewer signup page (conversion rates). Landing pages increase the return on investment from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Retargeting Ads, etc.
  • Keyword Research: The Web Designer should have an in-depth understanding of keyword research. You don’t want to have a brand new website built only to realize none of the pages will ever rank on Google because the Web Guy didn’t know how to target them to specific keywords.  
  • Analytic Data: The Web Designer should have an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics and other analytic software. This will help them identify issues with the website design and flow of viewers through the site that need to be fixed. More simply stated, analytic programs tell you where the hole in the bottom of your cup is, and how to plug it. 
  • Marketing Strategy: The Web Designer should understand the full marketing strategy and be able to build and optimize the church website to best fit that strategy. 
  • Reporting: The Web Designer should be able to measure the number and rate at which website viewers convert (take desired actions specified by the discipleship plan). Then they should send a report to the Marketing Director.

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