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Indications Of A Poor Gospel Presentation (RUN CHAT GPT)

  • Debating
  • Discomfort
  • Awkwardness
  • Defensiveness
  • Negatively Impacted Relationships
  • Controlling language
  • The judgemental or shaming attitude from the Christian
  • Your telling or explaining (vs your asking)
  • You share the gospel before they have given you permission

Bad Example Opener: when you standing in line, open a conversation with the person next to you and ask them, “do you know where you going when you die?

Indications of a good gospel presentation:

  • You meet a deeply felt need
  • The other person feels cared for
  • There is no awkward intro to the conversion
  • The other person thanking you (sometimes profusely)
  • The other person likes you
  • comfort for both people
  • Openness to the message on behalf of the other person
  • Giving the other person complete freedom to do what they want
  • Giving grace and creating a judgment-free space to be authentic. “I’d never push anything on you, I’m just sharing what I believe. I support what you ultimately choose and I will love you either way.”
  • You asking and reflecting
  • You share the gospel after they have given you permission

Google Example Opener: How are you doing today?

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