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STEP 6: Identify What Motivates Your Target Audience (PDF HERE) (EDIT)

Video Notes:

The final step you must complete to Know Who You’re Talking To is to understand what motivates your target audience.

It’s very hard to generate Biblical church growth if you don’t know what motivates your target audience. 

Generally, people are motivated to take action in two ways:

  1. To avoid pain.
  2. To meet a deeply felt need.

As a church marketer, how can you help your audience avoid pain or meet a deeply felt need if you don’t know the fears and needs of your Target Audience?

Marketing without knowing your Target Audience’s wants and needs is like playing darts in the dark.

Marketing Best Practice: The old way of doing marketing involved guessing what YOU think your audience would like.

This is no longer the case. Online church marketing doesn’t include guesswork. Why guess what your audience wants, when you could ask them directly?

This takes the uncertainty out of your church marketing online efforts and centers everything you do around the deeply felt pains and needs of your audience.

Getting Your Ducks In A Row: Based on feedback from pastors and leadership, churches often can’t grow or change as needed because older members, elders, deacons, and financial advisers can’t agree on the same agenda.

To avoid alienating older members, use your survey results as researched evidence of what marketing efforts are most likely to obtain growth.

Presenting these survey findings can quickly enlighten those who may resist change.

Jesus Meets Hyper-Relevant Needs

Have you ever considered the hyper-relevance of the miracles Jesus performed?

Each miracle was customized to the needs of the individual.

Not only this but Jesus always hit the bulls-eye when He worked the miracle. He always met the deepest need.

A blind man wanted his sight, so that’s what Jesus provided.

Imagine that the blind man in John chapter 9 was also bald. Jesus creates mud, puts it on the blind man, and tells him to go wash in the Pool of Siloam.

What if the blind man did as Jesus said and popped out with a full head of hair?

What if Jesus healed his baldness while overlooking the more pressing issue of his blindness?

Talk about a letdown.

This is exactly what we do when we try to meet people’s needs but meet the wrong ones.

“Meeting a need that the audience doesn’t have or blessing them with something they don’t want won’t motivate anyone to action.”

— Brett Henderson

What are the real needs and pain points of your Target Audience?


  1. Download & Print Worksheet 6.
  2. Download & Print The Target Audience Survey.
  3. Watch the video above.
  4. Read Marketing Best Practice.
  5. Implement the survey.
Worksheet 6:  Click Image To Download
Target Audience Survey:  Click Image To Download

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