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Creating Unlimited Value For Free

Ministry Growth Formula:

Love = Meeting Needs → Value → Ministry Growth

So if love means that we are meeting the needs of our audience and that meeting their needs creates value and value creates growth – there is only one question left to ask…

How do we consistently love people correctly?

There is one type of thinking that will always create value for EVERY PERSON WHO EVER COMES INTO CONTACT WITH YOUR MINISTRY.

Win-win thinking ensures that there is never a situation where someone loses, feels cheated, let down, etc.

This means your ministry should NEVER receive ANYTHING unless the other person wins too.

This is a harder way to do ministry but it’s also the more effective strategy if you hope to be in ministry for a long time.

If you ask something of someone in your ministry and they aren’t ENTHUSIASTIC about it, you haven’t created a win-win.

Go back to that person and ask them this question:

  • What would make you excited to do XYZ?
  • What would you be really excited about doing?

When people start to figure out that they WIN big every time they come into contact with your ministry, you’re following will increase.

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