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Individual Resource Limitations & Burnout (EDITed)

Every morning, you wake up with a limited amount of personal resources that you can spend throughout the day.

Similar to your ministry resources, your personal resources are time, energy, money, decisions, attention, etc.

Let’s say for example that when you wake up, you have EXACTLY 10 resources to spend over the course of the day.

When ministry leaders see a need, they are willing to give anything to meet it, even the shirt off their back. In this situation, you may end up giving 20 of your resources when you only have 10.

The intent behind this is admirable, but there is reality to contend with – and reality isn’t forgiving at all.

If you give 20 of your resources today, reality demands that those extra 10 resources must come from somewhere. It can’t come from today, and it can’t come from the past, so the only place it can be taken from is the future the future.

The one and only reason ministry leaders burn out is because they used tomorrow’s resources today.

I call this Pastoral Debt.

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