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Prioritizing Your Resource Allocation (EditED) (ITR LESSON BEFORE THIS?)

When presented with multiple tasks or opportunities, you won’t be able to take action on all of them. ‘

Due to limited resources (time, energy, money, etc.) you can only do so many things at a time. Once you have committed your resources to certain opportunities, you temporarily forfeit your ability to take on other things.. 

However, new opportunities are always arising, and some of them are even better than all the ones you have been presented before. So how do you choose the best opportunities for your ministry?

Obviously, you can’t keep waiting for a better opportunity before you act. Instead, you should analyze all the tasks and opportunities that are currently available, and decide which has the highest potential for producing fruit. The things that produce the most fruit should be prioritized to receive the most of your effort and resources. 

When better opportunities come along, you can shift your focus by making your previous priorities self-sufficient and putting your resources into building new things.  

For Example: We make these decisions in marketing, all the time. The fastest way to increase our resources is by purchasing PPC ads (Google Ads usually). Only after we secured this opportunity did we begin to pursue other things such as Search Engine Optimization. 

Why do we do this? 

SEO’s Time to create fruit: 6 Months- 18 Months

SEO’s Cost to create fruit: Thousands of dollars

Google Ads Time to create fruit: 2 Months- 6 Months

Google Ads Cost to create fruit: Thousands of dollars

Most ministries will get a return on their recourse investment much more quickly with PPC ads than with SEO. Therefore, we prioritize the opportunities that produce fruit the fastest when budgets are limited.

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