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The Content Creator

Content Creators must do research to ensure that the content will be well-received before they create it in order to reach the lost online.

The Content Creator is the team member who is responsible for creating or facilitating the creation of content that will be distributed online and in person. Pastors are one of the most obvious Content Creators in the virtual ministry. Content Creators must do the appropriate research to ensure that their content will be well-received online before it is created, in order to reach the lost digitally.

This process stewards the ministry team’s time and resources by minimizing the amount of time spent on the creation of information, products, or services that are not wanted by online audiences. 

  • Keyword Research: The Content Creator should be especially well trained in keyword research techniques. Their job is to do in-depth keyword research and choose keywords that the ministry team’s future content is likely to rank highly for. 
  • Market Research: Before the creation of products like digital courses, Youtube videos, podcasts, or ebooks, the Content Creator should be able to assess how much their audience desires these products or services. 
  • Content Formatting: The Content Creator should be aware of the best way to structure multiple types of digital and physical content. This might include blogs, eBooks, digital courses, email sequences, author bios, product descriptions, etc. The structures they create should make it easier for viewers to understand the content.
  • Copywriting: The Content Creator should be able to write compelling copies. Be aware that copywriting for blogs and other internet content is usually very different from how people are trained to write in undergraduate and graduate schools. If your content looks like it has MLA formatting or if it reads like a book, it will not do well online. Your audience wouldn’t be on your website if they wanted to read a research paper or a book. A skilled copywriter knows how to write to increase engagement. This means they have a deep understanding of who they are writing to, and how their audience reads. 
  • Sales Copy: The Content Creator should have experience writing sales copies for digital products or services. The key indicator of their skill level is whether or not the product or service made sales. This skill is highly valuable in convincing people online to take the next step in their journey with your church. Of course, it’s also helpful if your church ever plans to sell a book, tickets to summer camp, etc. 
  • Web Page Formatting: The Content Creator should have an in-depth understanding of how to arrange a web page or landing page in a way that generates the most sign-ups. The idea behind this is to make the web page as straightforward and easy to understand as possible for new viewers. That way viewers will take the desired action instead of getting confused.
  • Follow-Up Content: The Content Creator should be able to write follow-up sequences such as texts and emails that provide value. This will draw in your audience and compel them to take action.

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