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Staffing The Follow-Up Marketer (EDITed) (Add graphic of funnel, close phase)

The Follow-Up Marketer

The goal of the Follow-Up Marketer is to build rapport with people in the Close phase of the church marketing. This is called lead nurturing. If the follow-up process is done well, your church members will successfully progress from one phase of your discipleship strategy to the next. To accomplish this, these are the skills your Follow-Up Marketer will need:

  • Email Marketing Platform: The Follow-Up Marketer should be able to select, integrate, and implement an email marketing tool within the church website. 
  • Email Sequences: The Follow-Up Marketer should have the ability to strategically design multi-week or multi-month email sequences that provide value and call recipients to action. 
  • Content Creation: The Follow-Up Marketer should be able to coordinate with the Content Creator to make content for, texts, etc. 
  • Automation: The Follow-Up Marketer should be able to use the automation features in email marketing tools that will eliminate the need to manually send each email. 
  • Text Sequences: The Follow-Up Marketer should be able to create SMS and MMS follow-up sequences. 
  • Comment Responses: The Follow-Up Marketer should be able to implement a system to respond to comments, questions, ratings, and reviews left by viewers in various places online. Responding to these will often increase your Church’s standing in Google’s algorithm (as well as the algorithms of other search engines), and boost viewer engagement. 
  • Personable: The Follow-Up Marketer should be comfortable making phone calls or video conferences to quickly create rapport that will inspire action. Sales experience is plus in this area. 
  • Reporting: The Follow-Up Marketer should be able to measure the number and rate at which readers convert from emails, texts and other follow-up processes. Then they should send a report to the Marketing Director.

By putting together a digital ministry team that embodies each of these roles, your ministry will be able to get a foothold in the digital world and begin making an impact in the lives of many.

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