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STEP 7: Jesus Went To His Audience

Video Notes: In Principle 2 you will take the information you have gathered about your newly established Target Audience and discover where to find them.

Too often, churches expect people to just show up.

From now on, unexpected visitors should be a bonus. You should be engaging your target audience where THEY feel comfortable.

You need to know:

  1. Where they hang out when they aren’t at church.
  2. Now you need to know how to build their trust.

If you have already given your Target Audience the survey provided in the last section, your audience has already told you where to find them. How great is that?

Jesus’ Target Audience

Jesus knew who his target audience was, the Jews.

For this reason, Jesus spent the majority of his time in areas where Jews lived; He showed up at the temple, synagogues, Jewish feasts, Galilee, etc.

He didn’t spend much time in Samaria because Jews weren’t in Samaria, Gentiles were.

Your Church should operate this same way. Don’t waste time trying to be everywhere, just show up in places your target audience will be.

When you do this, it will seem like you are everywhere to them.

(And as a bonus, you save tons of ministry resources.)


  1. Download & Print Worksheet 7.
  2. Watch the video above.
  3. Read Jesus’ Target Audience.
  4. Fill out Worksheet 7.
Worksheet 7:  Click Image To Download

Jesus Went To Them:

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