Ministry Growth: Create Your Discipleship Strategy (BRETT WRITE)
Church Growth: How To Create Impactful Church Graphics

Brett’s Journey

  • Went to ministry school
  • Learned about the bible/ how to run a youth ministry
  • Got a job after 4th year of college
  • Saw no growth, despite 4 years of ministry training
  • The kids did not show up to hear me teach about the bible
  • Kids did show up for events, but they didn’t come back
  • Not only did I not grow, I also discovered that working in the chuch is like a massive bolder with the word “ministry” painted on it is placed directly on your shoulders – and it was crushing me. 
  • I was then told to carry the boulder to the top of that mountain. 
  • I was stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, underprepared, and I knew that if something didn’t change, that boulder would become to heavy to carry. 
  • There must be a better way to do ministry.
  • One day, I got a little too fed up with some of my older teens boys misbehaving and I broke all off the your ministry rules and I took them to lunch and had a heart to heart where I asked them some hard questions. I shouldered them with the responsibility of their lives and told them to get to WORK. 
  • I told them I was kicking them off the island (they had never left their town or island) and they were going to get a summer job. 
  • No sooner had I dont this did they become rolemodels in the youth ministry. They showed up at my house on saturday s for life skills, knowing I would ask them to leave if they goofed around. One of those 4 guys is now the youth ministry director at that very same church. The others spen the next couple of years working at ministries in california and in alaska. 
  • Then I had an epiphany. I saw tremendous growth, but it wasn’t the result of my hope, or faith, or prayer (maybe in some inderct sense). It wasn’t the result of a caffeine field locking or a water day. The growth came when I took action and shouldered young men with responsibility. 
  • Growth is not a function of prayer, or faith, or hope. Growth is a direct result of natural revelation. 
  • In the next video, we will be looking deeper into what this means, how it works, and what you can expect from the rest of this course.