Ministry Growth: Create Your Discipleship Strategy (BRETT WRITE)
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Find Your Churchgoer Journey Forerunners

  • One of the most important things marketers know that is apparently a big secret is that what I think as the marketer, DOESNT MATTER. That goes for you too. What you think your audience wants doesn’t matter. What you think are the best steps for them, doesn’t matter. What matters is what they actually expect to do, what they are willing to do, what they feel they need to do. Many times what you think the correct step should be is NOT the step people are willing to take, even though it’s a great step.
  • Identify a few key people in your ministry who are already living examples of a person who has reached and is living out your promised land. 
  • Reverse engineer the steps they took that successfully delivered them to the promised land God is calling your ministry too.
  • You may also personally contacting these individuals and asking what worked for them, what really engaged them in your ministry, why they took it so far. 
  • Be aware that until you have data flowing in that confirms that these steps produce fruit, they are in flux. You may have to swich out a step here and there to test if the process would be more effective if you had some other actions step in place of your second step or third step, etc. 
  • This is know in marketing as A/B testing.

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