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How To Order Your Ministry Action Steps

  • Let’s discuss the order of your actions steps. 
  • Action steps start at low commitimebt/trust and move to high commitment/trust just like a relationship – because this is a relationship. 
  • Most ministries move straight to the high trust CTAs and wonder why nobody takes them. 
  • Marriage example: Do you start a relationship at the proposal? No
  • Take some time with your ministry team to order your Calls to action in order of lowest to highest commitment and trust. 
  • You have to realize that for someone to go on this journey with you is going to REQUIRE THEM TO SACRIFICE. Why Do i say this?
  • Again, anywhere worth going is going to require a lot of sacrifice. This is true of your churchgoers too. Not only this, but sacrifice and commitment are synonymous. You can’t get one without the other. If you make a commitment, you also sacrifice your ability to commit to anything else. When I married my wife, I made one commitment and sacrificed all possibility of having a future with anyone else. That’s a lot of sacrifice. 
  • When you ask your churchgoers to commit to taking each action step, your asking them to go on a journey of sacrifice and commitment, that get’s increasingly more risky as they approach the promised land. If your steps are out of order, or are unclear, you won’t see growth in your ministry. 
  • Go back to your action step page and look at them to see if your action steps are out of commitment/sacrifice order.

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