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Strategy & Spiritual Warfare (Reedited)

In this first section we will be discussing strategic thinking, and how it relates to your ministry. 

Let’s first look at our opposition. The enemy is actively working against your ministry. He has been prowling around like a lion looking for people to devour since the beginning of the human race. He knows more than you and I will ever know about human psychology, sociology, and the natural sciences. Any knowledge he needs to mount an effective assault on you and your ministry – he already has. And he isn’t just coming for you, he is coming for your church, your community, and your country. The downfall of the west into postmodernism is lead by the insidious lie that all things are good, and truth is whatever you want it to be. The devil is the father of lies like these. 

To be effective against an enemy as fearsome as the devil, we need a ministry master plan. 

Now this doesn’t mean that we don’t rely on God, have faith, or pray for victory and revival. It means that we can’t only do these things. Would we expect God to do all the work in a chess match, sports competition, or even a war? Of course not! We expect ourselves to get a strategic plan in place, then to execute the plan – better than the enemy. Why don’t we think this way when it comes to ministry? 

This leads us to our next set of challenging core beliefs. Hope is not a strategy. Prayer is not a strategy. And faith is not a strategy.

“Well, that doesn’t sound Biblical,” you say. Hang in there, because in the next video we are going to define what strategy is, so that I can show you how Jesus was a grand strategist, and why you should be one too. 

Video Script:

Introduction: Hello and welcome to our video series on strategic thinking in ministry. In this first part, we’ll discuss the importance of strategic thinking and how it can help your ministry become more effective against the challenges you face.

Understanding Our Opposition:

  • Our enemy actively works against our ministry, equipped with extensive knowledge in various fields.
  • The devil is an incredible strategist who has been observing humans for thousands of years, understanding our strengths and weaknesses.
  • The enemy doesn’t just target us, but also our church, community, and country, using deception to lead people astray.
  • Recognizing and preparing for these dangers is crucial in our ministry.

The Ministry Master Plan:

  • While relying on God, faith, and prayer is essential, we must also develop a strategic plan for our ministry.
  • Just as we create plans for various competitions, we should approach ministry with a similar mindset.
  • Keep in mind, hope, prayer, and faith are vital, but they alone do not make a complete strategy.

Challenging Core Beliefs:

  • If you’re thinking, “This doesn’t sound biblical,” stay with us.
  • In the next video, we’ll define strategy and explore Jesus as a grand strategist.
  • By understanding Jesus’ strategic approach, you’ll see the importance of embracing strategic thinking in your ministry.

Conclusion: Thank you for joining us in this first part of our video series on strategic thinking in ministry. We hope you’ll join us for the next video, where we’ll dive deeper into the concept of strategy and how it can strengthen your ministry. See you there!

In what ways do you think strategic thinking will add to your arsenal of ministry tools? Let us know in the comments!

I look forward to seeing you there.

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