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The Center Of Value Strategy

Believe it or not, but when you and your ministry begin to be known as THE church that is meeting needs, people will start coming to you to meet those needs.

As long as you are meeting those needs sustainably, you will be able to continue meeting needs in perpetuity – until the masses are hearing your message.

The center-of-value strategy begins to take place when you start mastering the win-win technique.

When you start trying to create win-wins, it will feel awkward and clunky. Begin in your marriage, in your church with volunteers, etc.

As you begin to understand the process, you can more proactively start thinking of wins that will build your ministry.

Win-Win Example: One Pastor was struggling to connect with first-time visitors in his small startup ministry. I told him to speak to the owner of the local coffee shop across the street from his ministry and get a FREE COFFEE for every first-time visitor who came to his church so he could have someone take them after church to fellowship.

At first, this seemed impossible. Then I reminded him that that coffee shop owner had needs. Primarily the need for money.

But he didn’t have money – and didn’t that defeat the purpose of free coffee?

I then reminded this pastor that he was a part of a multisite ministry that regularly put on events that attracted thousands of people who were no doubt coffee drinkers. All he had to do was let the owner know that he would be the only coffee vendor at these events where he could sell his coffee and promote his brand – in exchange for a few free coffees a month.

Not only this, but those people he gave free coffee to had an increased chance of staying with the church – which means he would be able to sell coffee to them later.

If this worked, it wouldn’t be a win-win – it would be a win-win-win.

Win: The church increases new guest retention rates by getting free coffee for new guests (and eliminates the need to make coffee for events).

Win: The coffee shop owner gets more business and brand recognition for next to nothing.

Win: People at the church get access to coffee that is better than anything the church would have been able to make.

The pastor gave it a try and was able to successfully negotiate the win-win-win on the first try.

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