Ministry Growth: Create Your Discipleship Strategy (BRETT WRITE)
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Jesus The Grand Strategist (Edited)

Strategy definition: a set of action steps that have the highest probability of taking you and your ministry to a desired destination (goal). 

When God created the world, He knew Adam and Eve would fall to sin. He also knew that sin would lead to the fall of mankind, which would separate mankind from a relationship with God. Action was needed to redeem those relationships.

So Jesus came at exactly the right moment, living a perfect life and preparing just the right men to lead the church. Then He made exactly the right sacrifice required to free everyone from sin, and rose again to overcome death once and for all. Only after His work was complete did Jesus ascend back into Heaven, giving us His Holy Spirit to guide us.

Jesus had a master strategy that was unfathomable until after it was already done. Throughout His life, He was 10 steps ahead of the game. 

The Bible makes it clear that Jesus knew the strategy. Scripture shows that there were times when Jesus would reveal future elements of the strategy. One example of this is when He informed His disciples that He would be killed, and they would be scattered and deny Him. He revealed just enough to alert them that they should be prepared for some serious turbulence.

One thing to note is that when Peter says he won’t let this happen to Jesus, Jesus responds by saying, “Get behind Me satan”. Jesus knew that the end goal the promised land – could not be reached without first fulfilling the crucial step of His death. Peter expressed his desire to save Jesus without realizing that doing so would thwart everything Jesus had planned since the beginning of the world. Jesus knew the full strategy, but his disciples only glimpsed parts of each step.

It’s time for us to stop thinking about just the next move, and become ministry strategists like Jesus – planning five or even ten moves ahead. Once you understand strategy, you will begin to see how everything else falls into place – marketing, discipleship, outreach, sermons, digital work, etc.

This is why we’ve made our first section focus on strategy. 

Thanks for joining me in this video, I look forward to seeing you in our next lesson.

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